The World Science Fiction Society

Minutes of the Business Meeting 1992

The World Science Fiction Society Business Meeting at MagiCon was held in four sessions, scheduled at 10 AM on Friday, Sept. 4, through Monday, Sept. 7, 1992, in Room 20abc of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The podium staff for all sessions consisted of Bruce Pelz, Presiding Officer; George Flynn, Secretary; Ben Yalow, Parliamentarian; and Kevin Standlee, Timekeeper.

In the minutes below, motions whose texts were published in the MagiCon Souvenir Book will be cited only by reference.

Friday, Sept. 4, 1992 - Preliminary Business Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM. The Chair announced the awarding of the Japanese Engineering Award to last year's Secretary, Richard Russell, for delivering his minutes immediately prior to this meeting. [Copies of the 1991 minutes may presumably be obtained from Richard S. Russell, Address removed From Electronic Version]

Business Passed On from Chicon V:

Items 1-9 were constitutional amendments given first passage in 1991, and would become part of the WSFS Constitution upon ratification. [As noted in the meeting agenda, the explanations of these items in the Souvenir Book [pp. 145-146] were mostly those provided by the original makers of the motions, and thus were not necessarily objective.]

1. Counting of "No Award"
MOVED: To amend Article 2 Section 21 by adding the following paragraph:
"After a tentative winner is determined, then unless ‘No Award’ shall be the winner, the following additional test shall be made. if the number of ballots containing votes listing `No Award’ higher than the tentative winner plus the number of ballots listing ‘No Award’ but not the winner is greater than the number of ballots listing the tentative winner higher than ‘No Award’ plus the number of ballots listing the tentative winner but not ‘No Award’, then ‘No Award’ shall be declared the winner of the election."
and to amend Article 3 Section 3 by adding the following to the end of the 5th sentence:
"and shall be the equivalent of ‘No Award’ with respect to the last paragraph of Article 2 Section 21".

- The Secretary suggested that "tentative" should be added before the second "winner" in the second sentence, which would then begin: "If the number of ballots containing votes listing 'No Award' higher than the tentative winner plus the number of ballots listing 'No Award' but not the tentative winner is greater
. . ." The meeting accepted this correction. [This and other questions raised by the Secretary were included in the agenda.] - The default debate time was 20 minutes; 10, 5, and 2 minutes were also proposed; 5 minutes won.

2. Splitting Distribution of the Hugo Rules from Pending Business
MOVED, to replace Article 4 Section 10 of the WSFS Constitution by:
"The Constitution of WSFS, together with an explanation of proposed changes approved but not yet ratified, and the Standing Rules shall be printed by the current Worldcon Committee, distributed to all WSFS members at a point between nine and three months prior to the Worldcon, and distributed to all WSFS members in attendance at the Worldcon upon registration"
and also MOVED, to add after the first sentence in Article 2 Section 18, the following:
"The Committee shall include with each nomination ballot a copy of Article 2 of the WSFS Constitution."

- The Secretary proposed removing the comma after "Standing Rules"; there was no objection. - Default debate time 20 minutes; 3 and 5 minutes proposed; 3 minutes won.

3. Calling the Hugo Award the Hugo Award
MOVED to amend the WSFS Constitution as follows:
(1) Change Article 1 Section 2A to read: "To choose the recipients of the annual Hugo Awards"
(2) In Article 1 Section 7, omit the words: "Science Fiction Achievement Awards"
(3) Change the title of Article 2 to "Hugo Awards", and change Article 2 Section 1 to read: "Selection of the Hugo Awards shall be made as follows in the subsequent sections of this article."
(4) Change the last sentence of Article 2 Section 15 to read: "Articles created under this section shall be considered to be Hugo Awards."

- The Secretary suggested that the proposed title of Article 2 be "Hugo Awards"; there was no objection. -Default debate time 20 minutes; 2, 5, 1, 10, and 1.37 minutes proposed; 2 minutes won.

4. Electronic Fanwriting Hugo Eligibility
MOVED, to amend Article 2 Section 12 by adding the words "or in generally available electronic media" at the end of the section.

- Default debate time 6 minutes; 10 minutes proposed; 6 minutes won.

5. Constitution Passalong Requirement
MOVED, to amend Article 4 Section 10 by adding the following sentence:
"Within two (2) months after the end of each Worldcon, the Committee shall send a copy of all changes to the Constitution and the Standing Rules, and all items awaiting ratification, to the next Worldcon Committee."

- The Secretary raised a question: "The information in question is in fact in the possession of the Business Meeting Secretary, who is charged with this duty by Standing Rule 16, and who is in general only nominally a member of the Committee. Therefore, should the motion refer to the Secretary rather than 'the Committee'?" The point was discussed; the Parliamentarian said that the printed text did not conflict with Standing Rule 16, and that it would suffice to so rule. The Chair preferred a suggestion by Mr. Sacks: to replace "the Committee" by "the Business Meeting staff"; this change was moved, and passed almost unanimously. - Default debate time 6 minutes; 3, 2, and 1 minutes proposed; 1 minute won.

6. Anti-Lame Duck Amendment
MOVED, To amend Article 4 Section 6 of the WSFS Constitution by inserting the words "after the end of the Business Meeting" after the word "Worldcon" in the sentence "There will be a meeting of the Mark Registration and Protection Committee at each Worldcon, at a time and place announced at the Business Meeting."

- Default debate time 6 minutes; 1 and ¹ minutes proposed; 1 minute won.

7. Clarifying "No Award" Tallying
MOVED, To amend Article 2 Section 17 of the WSFS Constitution as follows:
In any event, No Award shall be given whenever the total number of valid ballots cast for a specific category (excluding those cast for No Award in first place) is less than twenty-five percent (25%) of the total number of final Award ballots (excluding those cast for No Award) received

- Default debate time 6 minutes; 10 and 1 minutes proposed; 6 minutes won.

8. Natural Person Amendment
(1) Amend Article 3, Section XXX as follows:
Only natural persons shall be allowed to cast site-selection ballots for other than "No Preference", and no individual shall cast more than one such ballot. (This shall not be interpreted to prohibit delivery of ballots cast by other eligible voters.) "No Preference" ballots may be cast by corporations, associations, and other non-human or artificial entities. "Guest of" memberships must be transferred to individual natural persons before being cast for other than "No Preference", with such transfers accepted by the administering convention.
(2) Add the following section to Article 4:
In all matters arising under this Constitution, only natural persons may introduce business, nominate, or vote, except as specifically provided otherwise in this Constitution. No person may cast more than one vote on any issue or more than one ballot in any election. This shall not be interpreted to prohibit delivery of ballots cast by other eligible voters.

- The Secretary noted that the proposed new section would go in Article 5 under the revised numbering. - Default debate time 20 minutes; 5, e, and 2 minutes proposed; 5 minutes won.

9. Bid Notification Deadline
Moved: To amend the WSFS Constitution to change "the close of the previous Worldcon" to "180 days prior to the official opening of the administering Worldcon" in Article 3 Section 4.

- Default debate time 6 minutes; 3, 2, and 1 minutes proposed; 3 minutes won.

Committee Reports:

10. Report of WSFS Mark Protection Committee (Souvenir Book, p. 146) - The report itself was not ready, and was deferred until Saturday.

Nominations for Elected Members of Mark Protection Committee

Three members of the committee were to be elected for a three-year term. No more than three elected members may reside (at the time of election) in each of the regions described in Sec. 3.6 of the Constitution. The current elected members were:

Thus the Business Meeting could elect up to three members from the Western region, up to one member from the Central region, no members from the Eastern region, or up to three members from overseas. The following were nominated: Bruce Pelz (Western), Bob Hillis (Central), Tim Illingworth (overseas), John Lorentz (Western), Kevin Standlee (Western; currently appointee for ConFrancisco, to be replaced if elected). Nominations were then closed. The election would be held at the Saturday Main Business Meeting.

11. Report of Special Committee to Codify Business Meeting Resolutions (Souvenir Book, p. 146) - The committee chairman was on the phone at this time; subsequently (after Item 12) he announced that the report was not yet ready.

12. Worldcon Reports (Souvenir Book, p. 146)

Income Statement
Chicon V
Convention total through 6/92
Art Shipping $164.25
Art Show 25,725.12
Dealers 51,679.35
Membership 420,760.56
All Other Revenue 60,945.92
Total $559,275.20
A.V. Equipment/Materials $18,333.19
Guest Expenses 5,295.75
Other Equipment 44,823.91
Publications 62,540.99
Purchased Services 57,703.41
Reimbursements 188,206.96
Special Projects 15,357.97
Supplies/Materials 82,732.31
WSFS 1,956.18
All Other Expenses 58,101.93
Total $535,052.60

Surplus $24,222.60

13. Report of Worldcon Runner's Guide Editorial Committee (not listed in Souvenir Book) - Chairman Robert Sacks submitted the report which appears on p. 5; Ross Pavlac would later be bringing a manual of about 40 pages [see p. 8]. Mr. Sacks announced that he would not be continuing as Secretary, and that the committee needed a "pusher" to head review committees, etc. - Mr. Sacks moved to continue the committee, with the authority to add members, to report at ConFrancisco. The motion passed unanimously.

New Business Submitted to MagiCon:

  1. Open the Site, Hal - Proposed amendment to the WSFS Constitution, submitted by Steve Francis, seconded by David Francis:
  2. PREFACE: As the year 2001 is one of the most recognizable years in the Science Fiction Genre, I believe it would be fitting that any city from any zone, or an off-continent city, be given the opportunity to bid for the World Science Fiction Convention for that year.

    RESOLVED: The World Science Fiction Society shall recognize any bid properly submitted by any city in any rotational zone to hold the World Science Fiction Convention for the year 2001.

    If the Eastern Zone wins the site selection for 2001, there will be no effect on the rotation.
    If the Central Zone or an off-continent bid wins, the rotation will slip back one year with no change in the order of rotation.
    If the Western Zone wins, the zone holding a Worldcon furthest back in time will be eligible to bid for 2002. This would be the Eastern Zone, whose last Worldcon would have been in 1998. The rotation following 2001 would be 2002 Eastern, 2003 Central, 2004 Western, etc. This would insure that if the Western Zone wins for 2001, that the three-year spacing for succeeding Worldcons would be preserved.
    After 2001, any off-continent bid would be recognized unless an off-continent bid wins for 2001. In that case the next year of eligibility for an off-continent bid will be 2003 and thereafter.
    [A table illustrating the various possible rotations is omitted here. since the text above is sufficiently clear, and the original version of the motion didn't survive very long.]

    Victoria Smith proposed substituting "non-North American" for "off-continent": accepted. - Default debate time 20 minutes; 5, 10, and 15 minutes proposed. - Mark Olson moved to strike out all but the first paragraph (thus leaving the rotation unchanged after 2001): accepted by Mr. Francis. - Donald Eastlake proposed that the site selection should have no effect on site selections of subsequent years: accepted. - The Chair suggested "by any site" rather than "city". Rick Katze asked whether the winner for 1998 would be able to bid for 2001; the Chair said yes, as the motion stood. Mr. Olson proposed "for any site not within 60 miles of any previously selected Worldcon". Ben Yalow: "by any site not within 60 miles of any currently seated site . . . This site selection shall have no effect on site selection" [Mr. Olson: "rotation"] "for the subsequent years." Seth Breidbart: Drop the second sentence? Tim Illingworth: "This site selection shall not affect the order of rotation of zones for subsequent years." - Mr. Breidbart proposed replacing the current motion by "For purposes of the site selection for 2001, the Eastern region shall be defined to include the entire world." Accepted. [Note that by this elegant solution a 60-mile exclusion is automatically included, under Sec. 3.7 of the current Constitution.]

    Louis Epstein asked how the NASFiC would be affected. Mr. Yalow proposed that there be no NASFiC in 2001 if the Worldcon is in the non-North American part of the Eastern region [as defined here]. The Chair made a ruling that the Secretary somehow missed recording, but that was no doubt sensible; Mr. Sacks appealed the ruling; Mr. Katze moved the previous question; the Chair's ruling was sustained by an overwhelming majority (many to about 15).

    The motion as amended now had a default debate time of 6 minutes; 10, 20, 12, 30, 2, 0.5, and 5 minutes were also proposed; 10 minutes won (with 33 votes, to no more than 5 for any other choice). - Johnny Carruthers proposed changing "the entire world" to "all of North America": no second. - The Secretary suggested adding to the text: "There will be no NASFiC in 2001." Approved many-few. - Richard Russell requested that a chart showing the effect of the motion be included in Saturday's agenda; the Secretary agreed to do so.

  3. Northwest Territories Division Amendment
    Proposed by Robert E. Sacks, Donald E. Eastlake III, Stuart C. Hellinger, Seth Breidbart, Tim Illingworth, Martin Hoare, Larry van der Putte, Joe Siclari, Ross Pavlac, Don Cook, Theresa A. Renner, Elizabeth A. MacLellan, and Brian L. Burley:
  4. WHEREAS the creation of new territories out of the Northwest Territories of Canada voids the northern boundary between the Western and Central zones,
    [MOVED] to amend Article III, Section 6 of the WSFS Constitution,
    to add "Nunavut" to the Central zone,
    to add "Denendah" and other territories created out of the Northwest Territories to the Western zone,
    to delete "the Northwest Territories" upon their extinction.
    [The Secretary is in possession of two versions of this motion: one with the complete text above, the other with words struck through as indicated. I think the first version was that originally submitted, while the second was that actually distributed at the meeting.]
    [Note that under the current Constitution all the Northwest Territories, including Nunavut-to-be, are in the Western region.]

    Winton Matthews: Is this proper when the change has not been made yet? Chair: Nunavut will be created; the rest will stay the Northwest Territories. Mark Olson: Can the Secretary make this change? Or keep the line in place no matter how Canada changes the names? Louis Epstein: Pass a Business Meeting resolution authorizing the Secretary to amend the wording if the Northwest Territories are divided? - Johnny Carruthers: Instead of the current motion, replace "all states and provinces" by "all states, provinces, and territories" in all three subsections of Sec. 3.6. Donald Eastlake: "as of January 1, 1992"; not accepted. Someone: "all political subdivisions"; not accepted. Mr. Sacks moved the previous question on the amendment: passed. Mr. Carruthers' amendment then passed overwhelmingly. - Default debate time 6 minutes; 2 and 1 minutes proposed; 2 minutes won.

  5. No Representation Without Taxation! - Proposed by Janice Gelb, seconded by Joe Siclari (six other signatures, of varying degrees of legibility, also appear on the original motion):
  6. Let it be resolved that no attendee at the WSFS Business Meeting shall be allowed to speak unless displaying a volunteer chit that he or she has worked for the convention at which the meeting is held.

    An objection to consideration was made, and prevailed by a vote of "shitloads" to less than 5.

  7. Forbidding Reimbursement of Bidding Expenses - Proposed by Mark Olson, George Flynn, Jim Mann, Becky Thomson, and Theresa Renner:
  8. MOVED, to add the following section to Article III of the WSFS Constitution:
    No Worldcon Committee shall reimburse its members or supporters for expenses incurred or donations made in support of the Committee when it was a bidding committee, nor shall any Worldcon memberships be sold at a discount by virtue of the member's having supported a bidding committee.
    PROVIDED THAT this rule shall first apply to the Committee of the 19XX Worldcon.

    The costs of Worldcon bidding have been increasing inexorably. One factor that encourages this increase is the custom of reimbursing members of bidding committees for their expenses or donations (treated as "loans"), so that the winning bid is subsidized by the membership of the resulting Worldcon rather than out of the bidders' pockets. This also means that a committee which considers itself likely to win can spend more lavishly, expecting that its costs will be reimbursed after it wins, while long-shot opponents must spend more conservatively. This motion is designed to counteract this process by forbidding the reimbursement of bidding costs, so that all bidders would have to pay for their own spending. Giving discounts to presupporters is a milder form of the same practice, and would thus also be forbidden.

    Gail Sanders objected to consideration. The vote in favor of the objection was initially counted as 38-19, exactly two-thirds in favor. A recount was requested; as Mr. Pelz wished to vote, the chair was assumed by Rick Katze, and a standing vote was counted by Mr. Katze and Mr. Standlee. The vote was 38-24, so the objection to consideration failed. - Default debate time 20 minutes; 10, 30, 5, and 15 minutes were proposed; 20 minutes won with 32 votes (11 for 30 min., less for the others).

  9. Back to the Future Amendment - Proposed by Kent Bloom, Scott Dennis, Mark Olson, Tim Illingworth, and Bruce Pelz:
  10. MOVED, to amend the WSFS Constitution as follows:
    Change three years to two years wherever it appears in Article III;
    change "the close of the previous Worldcon" to "six months prior to the official opening of the administering Worldcon" in Section 4 of Article III;
    effective for 1998 and subsequent Worldcons and NASFiCs.

    [That is, this motion would have changed the three-year lead time for Worldcon site selection to two years.] An objection to consideration was made, and prevailed by a vote greater than two-thirds.

  11. Another Service Mark Resolution - Proposed by Mark Olson, George Flynn, and Jim Mann:
  12. BE IT RESOLVED that the Mark Protection Committee is directed to investigate the possibility of protecting the Hugo(tm) rocket symbol and if in its judgment the protection is worthwhile, to begin the process of protecting it.

    The rocket symbol for an SF award is a major service mark of WSFS and is presently not protected. The details of protecting a mark of this sort are complicated and best left to the MPC. This motion provides the sense of the WSFS Business Meeting that such protection is desirable.

    (Not a constitutional amendment, so it could be voted on immediately.) Default debate time 6 minutes; 2 and 10 minutes proposed; 2 minutes won. - The motion was then passed overwhelmingly.

  13. Yet Another Service Mark Resolution - Proposed by Mark Olson, George Flynn, and Jim Mann:
  14. BE IT RESOLVED that the Mark Protection Committee is directed to use its judgment in selecting which marks to protect in which countries to achieve maximum protection with available resources.

    This makes clear that the MPC has the authority to use its judgment in choosing how and where to protect our marks to make best use of limited resources.

    (Also not a constitutional amendment.) Default debate time 6 minutes; 1 minute proposed; 1 minute won. The motion was then passed unanimously.

  15. Clarifying Best Fan Writer Definition - Proposed by George Flynn and Jim Mann:
  16. MOVED, to add to Section 2.2.12 of the WSFS Constitution (Best Fan Writer) the words "during the previous calendar year".

    This would remedy an oversight made when the present version of the Constitution was adopted, and would define the period of eligibility for Best Fan Writer in the same way as for the other Hugo categories (it has customarily been interpreted in this way anyway; but since some people have recently questioned this point, it would be best to clarify it).

    Default debate time 6 minutes; 1 minute proposed; 1 minute won.

  17. Reduced NASFiC Lead Time Amendment (not on agenda) - Proposed by Kevin Standlee, Vincent G. Sanders, Stuart C. Hellinger, Winton E. Matthews Jr., Mark Olson, John Lorentz, and Jeff B. Canfield:

[MOVED, to] amend the WSFS Constitution as follows (deletions in strike-through, additions in underline):
3.8.1: Voting shall be by written ballot administered by the following then-current Worldcon, if there is no NASFiC held the following year following the Worldcon that year, or by the NASFiC, if there is one held in the following year following the Worldcon, with ballots cast at the administering convention or by mail and only members of the administering convention allowed to vote.
3.5: . . . The aforementioned rules and agreements, along with an announcement of intent to bid, must be filed with the committee that will administer the voting . . . , and as set by the administering convention but no earlier than the close of the corresponding Worldcon voting no later than one hundred eighty (180) days prior to the opening of the administering convention for a prospective NASFiC bid.

[This would make the NASFiC lead time one year less than that for the Worldcon.] Default debate time 20 minutes; 10, 6, and 5 minutes proposed; 10 minutes won (many, to 15 for 20 min., less for others).

That completed the business before the Preliminary Business Meeting. - At this point written acceptances had been received from all those nominated for the Mark Protection Committee (cf. p. 2) except Bob Hillis. It was moved to waive Standing Rule 3.1 to allow Mr. Hillis to turn in his acceptance at any time before the opening of the Saturday meeting: passed. - The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM. - Not counting the podium staff, 61 people signed the attendance list (which, however, was distributed rather late in the meeting).

Saturday, Sept. 5, 1992 - First Main Business Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 10:02 AM.

  1. Supplement to Report of Worldcon Runner's Guide Editorial Committee (cf. pp. 2, 5). -Ross Pavlac delivered copies of the first edition of the Worldcon Runners' Guide (published courtesy of a grant from Chicon V). Copies are available for $5 from Ross Pavlac, PO Box 816, Evanston, IL 60204. [While the report on p. 5 refers to "about 50" pages, there were in fact 79 pages of text.] - Mr. Sacks announced that Halmer Haag (PO Box 13436, Baltimore, MD 21203) was the committee's new Secretary.

Business Passed On from Chicon V:

Text of Items 1-9 as in MagiCon Souvenir Book, pp. 145-146, except for changes noted on p. 1 above.

  1. Counting of "No Award" - Ratified by (large) voice vote.
  2. Splitting Distribution of the Hugo Rules from Pending Business - Ratified unanimously.
  3. Calling the Hugo Award the Hugo Award - Johnny Carruthers moved to delete section (1) from the motion; the Chair ruled that this would constitute a lesser change (and thus would not delay ratification). The amendment was passed. The motion as amended was ratified unanimously(?).
    [The deletion of section (1) means that the phrase "Science Fiction Achievement Awards" remains in the WSFS Constitution in one place, Sec. 1.2.1. As the Secretary promised at the time, the wording has been altered from "the annual Science Fiction Achievement Awards (the Hugo Awards)" to "the annual Hugo Awards (Science Fiction Achievement Awards)".]
  4. Electronic Fanwriting Hugo Eligibility - Gary Feldbaum moved to refer the motion to a committee to consider making a distinction between large and small magazines: defeated overwhelmingly. - Ratified 35-25.
  5. Constitution Passalong Requirement - Ratified many-1.
  6. Anti-Lame Duck Amendment - Ratified many-few.
  7. Clarifying "No Award" Tallying - [The Secretary noted in the agenda that the explanation of this motion in the Souvenir Book was completely wrong. The intent of this motion was to make no substantive change, but merely to clarify the former incomprehensible language.] - John Lorentz objected to the short title as erroneous. The Chair suggested "Attempting to Clarify . . ." - Ratified many-few.
  8. Natural Person Amendment - Ratified 40-23. [The new section has been inserted in the Constitution as Sec. 5.2.]
  9. Bid Notification Deadline - Robert Sacks asked how the motion would affect next year's site selection. Kevin Standlee ruled on behalf of ConFrancisco that it would not affect the filing deadline for 1996 (since the current deadline, the close of MagiCon, would coincide with the motion's taking effect), and would first affect the date of filing for 1997. - Ratified many-few.

Items 1-9 have thus all been ratified, and the appropriate changes have been inserted in the text of the WSFS Constitution passed on to ConFrancisco.

Committee Reports:

  1. Report of Mark Protection Committee (cf. pp. 1-2) - Postponed again to Sunday. - However, at the end of Saturday's meeting, the MPC Treasurer submitted the following report:

Transaction record for September 1991-September 1992




Funds balance at close of Chicon



Donation from MagiCon (partial) Sept '91



Donation from Robert Sacks Sept '91



Payment to Marks & Clerk, registrations Sept '91



Payment to Harold Gell, Worldcon defense Dec '91



Donation from Noreascon 3 June '92



Payment to Marks & Clerk, registrations June '92



T-shirt royalty payment for use of marks Aug '92



Payment to Marks & Clerk, registrations Aug '92







The committee would like to extend its appreciation and thanks to Mr. Robert Sacks for his generous donation of $200.00.

We have a balance of $450.00 on account with our US attorney, Harold Gell.

We anticipate receipt of funds from Chicon and MagiCon in the course of the next several months.

All funds are in US dollars.

Submitted by Scott Dennis, Treasurer, Mark Protection Committee, 5 September 1992

It was announced that Mr. Hillis's written acceptance had been received in the nick of time (cf. p. 8). Ballots were distributed and voted. Rick Katze, Gary Louie, and Sara Paul were appointed as tellers.

Shortly before the close of the Saturday meeting, the tellers reported that Bruce Pelz, Tim Illingworth, and John Lorentz had been elected. The voting was as follows (one ballot was disqualified):

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Bruce Pelz






Tim Illingworth







John Lorentz








Kevin Standlee







Bob Hillis





[The numbers above are from my own count, since those reported by the tellers didn't quite add up. Fortunately, the results were the same.]

Mark Olson moved to postpone Item 12 to the end of the day's agenda: accepted. - As for Item 11, the committee was on the phone again, so this was also postponed.

New Business Submitted to MagiCon:

See pp. 5-8 for original texts and previous treatment of Items 14-22.

  1. Open the Site, Hal - As amended by the Preliminary Business Meeting (and further edited by the Secretary), this motion read as follows:
  2. MOVED, to add the following proviso to Section 3.7 of the WSFS Constitution:
    PROVIDED THAT for purposes of site selection for the 2001 Worldcon, the Eastern region shall be defined to include the entire world. Whatever site is chosen, there shall be no NASFiC in 2001.

    Gary Feldbaum moved to change to "all areas of the world shall be eligible." The previous question was called on this amendment, which failed 1-many. - The Chair confirmed that the 60-mile exclusion zone would now affect only the site of the 1998 Worldcon. - Mark Olson moved to recommit the motion to a very small committee: failed overwhelmingly. - The previous question was called. A vote by show of hands was counted as 31 or 32 in favor, 32 opposed; a standing vote was therefore taken, and the motion passed 33-32.

    If this motion is ratified in 1993, its effect on site selection would be as follows (with a non-North American bid allowed in any year):


    Current Rule

    If Motion 14 Passes












    anywhere in world (except within 60 miles of 1998 site)










  3. Northwest Territories Division Amendment
    - As amended at the Preliminary Business Meeting, this motion read:
  4. WHEREAS the creation of new territories out of the Northwest Territories of Canada voids the northern boundary between the Western and Central regions,
    MOVED, to amend Section 3.6 of the WSFS Constitution by replacing all appearances of "states and provinces" by "states, provinces, and territories".

    The previous question was called, and the motion passed many-few.

  5. Forbidding Reimbursement of Bidding Expenses
    - Mark Olson moved to fill in the blank with 1998; David Berry proposed 2001; also proposed were 1900 (rejected), 2100, 1999, 2525, and 2000. The vote on filling the blank was:
  6. 2525













    The blank was thus filled with 2525. The previous question was called, and the motion as amended failed.

  7. Clarifying Best Fan Writer Definition - The previous question was called, and the motion passed many-few.
  8. Reduced NASFiC Lead Time Amendment - It was confirmed that the motion would first apply to the selection of a possible 1997 NASFiC. - Seth Breidbart moved to change "the following year" to "four years later" (in effect eliminating the NASFiC); the Chair rejected the motion as depilatory [sic(k)]. - The previous question was called, and the motion passed by a voice vote.

Committee Reports (Redux)

At this point the tellers reported the results of the Mark Protection Committee election (see p. 9). - Also, the Mark Protection Committee Treasurer announced the availability of the financial report printed on p. 9.

  1. Report of Special Committee to Codify Business Meeting Resolutions - Again postponed.
  2. Worldcon Reports - It was announced that the ConFiction final financial report had been turned in (see pp. 3-4): no loss, but the committee is owed money. - The Conadian financial report was also turned in. [Since this was an 8-page statement from an accountant, I do not propose to reproduce it here.]

Meeting adjourned at 11:18 AM. - Not counting the podium staff, 77 people signed the attendance list. [For comparison, 73 ballots were cast in the Mark Protection Committee election.]

Sunday, Sept. 6, 1992 - Second Main Business Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM.

Site-Selection Business

Administrator Tom Veal not being present, Covert Beach reported the vote totals: Glasgow 1310, Atlanta 1147, other 107. [Rather than give additional details here, I have incorporated Mr. Veal's official report, which appears on p. 11.] - A motion was made and passed to commend the tellers. Robert Sacks inquired how long the count took: from 7:30 to 9:40, plus 30-40 minutes to deal with questions.

Announcements on behalf of Glasgow were made by chairs Tim Illingworth and Vince Docherty (wearing kilts): The convention would be called Intersection, and would be held on 24-28 August 1995. Guests of Honor would include Samuel R. Delany and Gerry Anderson. Copies of Progress Report 0 were distributed. Theresa Renner commended the chairs for baring their legs in public. - Don Cook, on behalf of the Atlanta bid, made a statement thanking Glasgow and the voters. - Rick Katze moved to commend both bidders for a very nice and hard-fought race: passed.

A non-North American Worldcon having been selected, the next order of business was arranging for the selection of the 1995 NASFiC. Bidders were to file by 12:30 PM, with either the Secretary, the Timekeeper, or the Chair. Voting would open at 2 PM (if possible) at the Information booth, and would close at 10 PM. A Business Meeting would be held Monday morning to receive the report of the voting results. - The Parliamentarian explained the possibilities. In particular, he ruled that if the decision went to the Business Meeting, the meeting could not choose "None of the Above"; if all else failed, ConFrancisco would have to decide.

Rick Katze moved that the results be posted as soon as they were available. Mark Olson moved to substitute that it was the sense of the meeting that all (unofficial) site-selection results should be posted as soon as they are known; Mr. Katze accepted this amendment. (It was noted that future Worldcons could not be bound in this respect.) The motion as amended passed many-few. - Robert Sacks suggested that if the site-selection results were already known, there was no need to hold a meeting on Monday. However, it was pointed out that a meeting was necessary because of the possibility of a challenge to the results. - Mr. Olson announced that he would enter a NASFiC bid for the sole purpose of returning checks. [This did not in fact occur.]

(At this point Tom Veal turned in the official Worldcon site-selection count reproduced on p. 11.)

The Chair called for announcements by NASFiC bidders. - Brian Burley announced a bid for New York by the Gotham Organization (a group of Lunarians forming an organization outside the Lunarian structure), with Thom Anderson as chair. - Christopher O'Shea announced the I-95 in '95 bid ("Roadkillcon"). - Ed Kramer announced a bid for Atlanta, using the Hilton and Towers, and organized by DragonCon (not the same as the Atlanta Worldcon bid). - The voting fee was to be discussed by the bidders; $20 would be the default.

It was announced that Paul Dormer would be Glasgow's appointee to the Mark Protection Committee. - Presentations were made on behalf of ConFrancisco (by David Clark) and Conadian (by John Mansfield).

A presentation for Los Angeles was made by Bruce Pelz (from the Chair). - It was announced that the deadline for other 1996 bidders to file was 5 PM Monday.

Committee Reports

Report of WSFS Mark Protection Committee - Donald Eastlake passed out the following report:

Report of the WSFS Mark Protection Committee to the 1992 WSFS Business Meeting

      1. During the past year, the Mark Protection Committee successfully protected the WORLDCON mark as detailed in the attached press release. [See p. 13.]
      2. The committee submits the following resolution to the Business Meeting and requests that it be adopted:
        RESOLVED, that the Mark Protection Committee is authorized to negotiate royalties for commercial use of WSFS marks.
      3. Please note that the committee membership listing in the MagiCon Program Book is incomplete. ConFrancisco has appointed Kevin Standlee as its representative on the committee and Conadian has appointed Linda Ross-Mansfield its representative.
      4. The Mark Protection Committee wishes to remind all Worldcon and NASFiC bidding and operating committees that they are required to act in their own name and not in the name of WSFS.
      5. See the Mark Protection Committee annual financial report provided separately. [See p. 9.]
      6. The Mark Protection Committee will meet at 5pm on Monday, 7 September 1992, in Room 13A (the Green Room).

Donald E. Eastlake, III

Mr. Eastlake noted that the selected NASFiC would also be entitled to appoint a representative to the committee. - The resolution moved by the committee (paragraph 2 above) was considered. Robert Sacks suggested a stronger term than "negotiate". Mark Olson asked whether the resolution applied to Worldcon and bidding committees, e.g., to T-shirts produced by such committees; the answer was no, and the Secretary was asked to put this in the record. Also, a blurb of "Hugo Winner" on a book's cover would not be included, but a book like The Hugo Winners would be. The previous question was called, and the resolution passed many-1. - Seth Breidbart asked about T-shirts produced for a Worldcon by an outside vendor; the Chair ruled that this would be a commercial use, and the MPC could ask for a royalty. Kent Bloom noted that the license to Worldcons to use the WSFS marks does not include sublicensing.

  1. Report of Special Committee to Codify Business Meeting Resolutions - Chairman Donald Eastlake said that he still had no report, but moved to continue the committee until ConFrancisco: passed many-1.
  2. Worldcon Reports - It was announced that all financial reports required by the WSFS Constitution had been received. [The MagiCon report, labeled a "work in progress," consisted of 20 pages of printout; needless to say, it will not be reproduced here. The ConFrancisco report appears below.]

The meeting was adjourned at 10:59 AM. - Not counting the podium staff, 56 people signed the attendance list.

[After the Business Meeting, the Secretary attended the meeting of NASFiC bidders, convened in the Staff Lounge. Kevin Standlee presided, and examined the bidders' filing documents. The New York bid ("NASFiC: Gotham 95") was accepted; they insisted on the default $20 voting fee, which therefore was in effect. The Atlanta bid ("NASFiC Atlanta 1995") was also accepted; they noted that their bid was for July 13-16, 1995 (proposed dates appeared on the ballot, along with facilities and committee lists). As for the I-95 in '95 bid, however, their organizational document was acceptable (though strange), but their letter of agreement was not (it contained such interesting features as a purported endorsement from the Secretary of Transportation, and the stamped message "Vinnie the Shiv says OK"). The I-95 in '95 bid was therefore not allowed on the ballot, but continued to run as a write-in bid; their votes would count if they submitted a satisfactory letter of agreement before the voting closed at 10 PM. See below for the next thrilling installment . . . The New York and Atlanta bids agreed that anyone who voted would receive an attending membership in the winning convention.]

Monday, Sept. 7, 1992 - Third Main Business Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM.

Report of 1995 NASFiC Site-Selection Voting Results

Kevin Standlee delivered the report of the tellers. He commended the I-95 committee for perseverance and spunk in the face of great adversity. After failing to get on the ballot [see above], they finally found a night manager at the Columbia, MD, Hilton who was willing to fax them a letter of agreement. They came running up at the stroke of 10, waving the fax and shouting "We got it!" Their bid was therefore accepted, at the last possible moment. - The results were then announced: 381 ballots were cast, and Atlanta won. (Write-ins were received for "Hold the election next year" and "Hawaii".) Mr. Standlee submitted the following report:

Atlanta Wins 1995 NASFiC

1st Round

2nd Round

3rd Round





I95 in 95




None of the Above










Total Expressing Preference




Needed to Elect (Majority)




No Preference




Total Ballots Cast 381

P.S. It took approximately one hour to count the ballots.

Kevin Standlee
NASFiC Site Selection Administrator

Mark Olson asked about a rumor that day attendees had been allowed to vote. Mr. Standlee said a few had been allowed: the Constitution is silent on the matter, and all the bidders accepted it. Mr. Olson said the host convention had ruled that day members are not "members," and asked the Chair for a ruling. Scott Dennis pointed out that day members were not allowed to vote on Worldcon site selection. The Chair said he hadn't been aware of the situation, but thought it was up to the bidders and the host convention. Ben Yalow: The host convention has the right to declare that they are not members, but merely purchasers of daily admissions. Robert Sacks: Did the host convention so declare, and could the tellers have distinguished the day members? Also, the Chair had designated Mr. Standlee as administrator on behalf of MagiCon. Mr. Yalow: Anything other than attending and supporting memberships is not in the Constitution, and is up to the judgment of the convention. The Chair suggested that the nitpickers work to define the issue by next year; meanwhile, the MagiCon chair delegated this authority to Mr. Standlee, so all else is moot.

Robert Sacks moved to adjourn sine die. - Kent Bloom asked unanimous consent to introduce a motion. Richard Russell pointed out that a motion to suspend the rules takes precedence. The Parliamentarian suggested a motion to suspend the rules to introduce [the following] motion. There was no objection, so Mr. Bloom introduced his motion:

MOVED, to delete all references to the NASFiC from the WSFS Constitution.

(Mr. Bloom stated that his intent was to let NASFiCs be run by an organization of their own.) The default debate time was 6 minutes. - The Chair ruled that passage of this motion could not affect any already seated convention. The Parliamentarian spelled out that all references to the NASFiC would end, and WSFS would thus not be allowed to elect further NASFiCs. Robert Sacks suggested specifying that the "NASFiC" trademark would be surrendered to a new organization; that the motion take effect only after new regulations for such an organization are approved by a Business Meeting; or after a succeeding NASFiC organization shall provide rules. [The first of these at least was formally moved as an amendment; things were sufficiently confused that I'm not sure about the status of the others.] Mr. Yalow: Would we be surrendering the mark automatically? We would no longer be using it, so it would be considered abandoned, and anyone could register it. - The time for debate having expired, Mark Olson moved to extend it for 5 minutes: passed.

Mr. Sacks suggested that the Chair could appoint a committee to draft the rules of an independent NASFiC body. The Parliamentarian agreed, and in response to an inquiry ruled that tabling the motion until next year would not be in order. Johnny Carruthers moved to refer the whole thing to a committee, to report back next year. The previous question was called, and the motion to refer to committee passed. - The Chair appointed Terry Berry, Ed Kramer, Robert Sacks, Ben Yalow, and Kevin Standlee to the committee, and authorized the committee to appoint up to 4 more members. The committee chair would be selected by next year's Business Meeting Chair (John Lorentz).

Covert Beach asked unanimous consent to present an award to the Chair. Consent being granted, the Chair was presented, on behalf of the Masquerade, with a hall costume award for the panoply of ribbons on his chest.

Mr. Sacks's previous motion to adjourn was withdrawn. - Kevin Standlee asked that the 1995 NASFiC be allowed to make a presentation. This was done by Ed Kramer. - Steve Aines (of the I-95 in '95 bid) congratulated Atlanta, and thanked everyone. Covert Beach moved to commend the I-95 committee for showing verve and insanity: passed.

Robert Sacks announced a meeting of the committee on the NASFiC. - Kent Bloom moved to commend the podium staff: passed. - Kevin Standlee announced that the Business Meeting at Conadian would be chaired by Donald Eastlake. - Mr. Standlee attempted to introduce a motion to strike "on the first ballot" from Sec. 3.8.4 of the Constitution; there was an objection, so the motion was not allowed.

The meeting was adjourned sine die at 10:43 AM. - Not counting the podium staff, 48 people signed the attendance list.

Items 14, 15, 21, and 22 are amendments to the WSFS Constitution that have been given first passage, and will be considered for ratification at ConFrancisco. Other business for ConFrancisco includes the regular committee reports, and the report of the special committee on the NASFiC described above.

Attendance List - A total of 139 people signed one or more attendance lists or were otherwise noted as having been present at the Business Meeting. They were: Gary P. Agin, Steve Aines, Lynn Anderson, Craig Andrews, Margaret Austin, Shirley Avery, Covert Beach, Judith C. Bemis, David Berry, Terry Berry, Leroy F. Berven, Robert Blair, Kent Bloom, Glen A. Boettcher, Stephen Boucher, Charles K. Bradley, Seth Breidbart, Brian Burley, Jeff Canfield, Johnny Carruthers, David W. Clark, Nancy L. Cobb, ? Cohen, Chris Cooper, Todd Dashoff, Joni Brill Dashoff, James Daugherty, Kathryn Daugherty, Avery Davis, Dan Deckert, Scott Dennis, Martin Deutsch, Michael Dillson, Vince Docherty, David Doering, Paul Dormer, Fred Duarte, Martin Easterbrook, Donald Eastlake, Chris Logan Edwards, Louis Epstein, Judith Ann Eudaly, Gary Feldbaum, Katie Filipowicz, Charles H. Fisher, Naomi Fisher, George Flynn, Jace Foss, Richard Foss, William Foss, Steve Francis, Sue Francis, Doug Friauf, John C. Glindeman, Halmer D. Haag, Les Haven, Shigeru Hayashida, Stuart C. Hellinger, Martin Hoare, Dan Hoey, Tim Illingworth, Saul Jaffe, Mary Jane Jewell, Linda M. Jordan, Rick Katze, Michael D. Kennedy, Ed Kramer, Tom Kunsman, Alexis Layton, Zanny Leach, Mark Levine, Mark Linneman, John Lorentz, Gary Louie, Perrianne Lurie, Robert MacIntosh, J.R. Madden, Eddie Maize, John Mansfield, Charles Matheny, Winton E. Matthews, Karen Meschke, Kathleen Meyer, Ben W. Miller, Patrick Molloy, Mary Morman, Frank C. Olbris, Mark Olson, Priscilla Olson, Val Ontell, Chris O'Shea II, Bill Parker, Sara Paul, Ross Pavlac, Bruce Pelz, James Petrassi, Angela Philley, Sam Pierce, Jeff Poretsky, Charlie Prael, Mark Richards, Roger Robinson, Linda Ross-Mansfield, Teny Rule, Larry Ruh, Ed Rush, Richard S. Russell, Ruth Sachter, Robert Sacks, Gail Sanders, Vincent G. Sanders, John T. Sapienza Jr., Sharon Sbarsky, Jerry Schneiderman, Joyce Scrivner, Samuel A. Smith, Victoria A. Smith, Jack Speer, Dick Spelman, Kevin Standlee, James Steel, Alan Stephan, Tom Stern, Wilho N. Suominen Jr., Gudrun Thomassen, Don A. Timm, Leslie Turek, Bertie van Asseldonk, Mike Vande Bunt, Susan Vanderbeek, Paul de Leeuw van Weenan, Bill Vaughan, Mary Vaughan, Tom Veal, John Waggott, Amy West, Lew Wolkoff, Ben Yalow, Richard W. Zellich.

The Secretary apologizes for taking so long to get these minutes out (I didn't have access to a decent printer for a couple of months, and then things got hectic . . .). Thanks to NESFA for supplies, and to Claire Anderson for mimeography. Additional copies of these minutes may be obtained for the cost of postage (two ounces) from: [Address Removed]

- George Flynn, 13 May 1993

"World Science Fiction Society", "WSFS", "World Science Fiction Convention", "Worldcon", "NASFiC", and "Hugo Award" are service marks of the World Science Fiction Society, an unincorporated literary society.

Appendix: Corrections to Printed Documents:

Constitution, Sec. 1.8, line 5: "reports regarding the disbursement"

Constitution, Sec. 2.2.1, line 3: "eligible for the year" (I believe last year's Business Meeting assented to the Secretary's making this perfecting change.)

Standing Rule 20, first sentence: "These Standing Rules shall continue in effect until altered or rescinded by a motion from the floor of any Business Meeting made by any WSFS member and adopted by majority vote of the Business Meeting." (As amended last year.)

(Corrections to items 1-9 are noted in the agenda above under the respective items.)

George Flynn

Pat McMurray
Last Update: January 2000