This is George Scithers' Con-Committee Chairman's Guide, the story of Discon I, the 1963 Worldcon. Retyped in 2000 by Tim Illingworth, from a copy of the original 1965 publication.

A copy of the original front cover will appear here once I've got it scanned.

Chapter 0: Introduction

Chapter 1: The Program: The First Day

Chapter 2: The Costume Ball

Chapter 3: Rest Break

Chapter 4: The Banquet

Chapter 5: The Program: Sunday Evening

Chapter 6: Last Session

Chapter 7: Accessory Organisations

Chapter 8: More Aftermath: Money & The Proceedings

Chapter 9: Insurance And Other Precautions

Chapter 10: The Constitution And Bylaws - The World Science Fiction Society

Chapter 11: Summary

Appendix: Two More Facets Of A Pearl Of Great Price